We Travel by Bucket!

We Travel by Bucket! This weekend we decided to take a ride on the bucket lift. Ok, so that’s not actually its real name. It’s called the ‘Funivie del Lago Maggiore’ but when you see the photos I think you’ll agree that ‘the bucket lift’ sums it up rather well.It’s all very exciting. The buckets are pretty small and do have a certain amount of swing to them. This probably isn’t the mode of transport for anyone who is afraid of heights. The bucket’s mesh floor makes looking down almost as thrilling as looking out! I would highly recommend looking out though, because the views are breathtaking. I’ll have to save the destination for another blog because it will require more photos! Written by Amy Bloodworth on Saturday, 24 September 2011. Posted in Europe Italy, lakes and lochs Related Articles Lovely Day for a Swim…… About the Author Amy Bloodworth About Me & MineAt the moment we live in the north of Italy with our son Arlo who is 16 months old. Me, Amy and Daddy, Simon are biology teachers and love wildlife. Simon teaches at a European school here and I make the short hop over the Swiss border every day where I work part-time in an American boarding school. With 5 clear months of school holidays a year we have lots of fantastic adventures and the whole of Europe is on our doorstep for weekend trips.Favourite place in the world It would be impossible to name just one place but to narrow it down...Lago Maggiore (Italy and Switzerland) where we keep our little motor boat.Monferrato in Piemonte and Montalcino in Tuscany (Italy) - great views, great waking, great people, great food.The New Forest and the Bournemouth coast (UK) - this is where we spend most of our time when we're not in Italy.Lathkill Dale in the Peak District (UK) - before Simon became a teacher he used to work here for English Nature, and we love to check out how the wildlife are doingSnorkeling the Red Sea Coast (Egypt) - as soon as things settle down, expect some great adventures form here. At 16 months, Arlo is already a pro at putting his head under the water and he's brushing up on his identification skills at aquariums across Europe.Favourite things to do outdoors Expect to see losts of skiing, sledging, walking, swimming, snorkeling, picnicking, exploring, wildlife spotting, growing our own veg, and travelling. Sometimes the journey can just be as exciting as the destination. We love planes, trains and automobiles, with boats, funiculars, cable cars, sledges and bikes thrown in for good measure. Comments (2) Stephanie 07 October 2011 at 21 13 | # I feel a bit sick, Amy! reply Fiona Moore 14 October 2011 at 19 16 | # I feel really sick - not my sort of thing at all! reply Leave a comment You are commenting as guest. Submit comment jQuery(function($) { $('#comments').Comment({ cookiePrefix

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