Welcome to Corwindian

Every child should get the chance to found a country! Definitely a rite of passage! Corwin's chance came a couple of weeks ago during a late Friday afternoon & evening fishing and BBQ picnic on Loch Assynt - let us present Corwindium! We didn't actually set off with that purpose - in case you were wondering if our outdoor adventures always start with such high aspirations! It had been a hard week work-wise with limited time for any adventures or even just plain old 'walks'. So we felt we had to end the working week with a highlight before the weather was forecast to take a turn for the worse over the weekend.

Of course in early June we had the daylight on our side and setting off at five wasn't a big deal. It would be light until about 11 so nothing stopping us to think BIG this time. We always love BBQs so steak skewers were quickly made up and fortunately one of the Angling Club boats on Loch Assynt was available. Drive-by boating as well as it's tied up next to the main road so why not take everything we could possible need.


A slight breeze was on our side too so none of the annoying insects to spoil the fun. We were on a roll - and then the luck finished. The boat was in an awkward position and required some shoving and lifting (and a bit of swearing). Two excited dogs - one of them a super excited puppy dragging me straight over some rocks filling my boots with water. It was a gritting our teeth moment. One of those where you have to push through because there is a residual piece of hope that if you do so there is a small chance you can rescue the day.

So bravely we set off - mad puppy - wet foot and all. Our destination was the bay just behind one of the island covered in Caledionian pines. We landed and secured the boat and prepped the BBQ and then ... Corwin spotted the other island. The little rock just a few stepping stones away from the shore. He had found HIS land. Inspiration struck and he went and claimed it! And named it! And then persuaded us to drag the picnic bench table over there too (didn't I say we took EVERYTHING).

We were still determined to make the best of this Friday evening so why not push out the boat - literally! Magically the table just fitted and was just about even. The food was nearly ready - just enough time to fit in a few casts (and a catch) until we could have our exclusive island meal on Corwindian!

It was lovely - the sun shone and the midges stayed away and we started to feel just a tad smug about being such amazing (and resilient) adventurers. A bit more fishing after dinner and throwing stones and making plans for the future development of the new country ... splendid isolation or maybe a marina. All smugness must end and in the Highlands the way it ends is usually induced by a midge or two ... or a gazillion. They homed in quickly. From 'oh what a lovely evening' to 'lets get out of here NOW' it took about two minutes. We all had the right kit ready so wrapped up in midge hoods and well sprayed we jumped into the boat and headed back to the mainland. Farewell Corwindian - we'll be back!

Written by Monika Strell on Saturday, 24 June 2017.

Posted in Scottish Highlands and Islands


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