After many years good service, we changed our strapline from ‘The Company that helps to keep your family active’. We like to think that we do help to keep families active by supplying you with lots of lovely gear. But for us it’s not just about providing you with gear. Otherwise, we’d probably sell pyjama’s or something else less bulky and technical instead. We do what we do because it means something to us and to everyone that works here at Little Trekkers.

So our new strapline became Little Trekkers … It’s In Their Nature

It just says it all. Put it all in front of them and they know what to do. Ask them why and they’ll probably just shrug. It’s in their nature. Ask them if they want to go for a walk and they might well say no. Take them down to the river or the beach and they’ll walk for miles as they explore one thing and then the next. It’s in their nature. You just need to lead them to it and they’ll do the rest. No need to teach or lecture or to go on endlessly about the need to exercise to keep healthy. They know just what to do if you put it all in front of them. It’s nature, it’s natural and it’s in their nature.

Our website is for families who love being outdoors – if you're out and active whatever the weather throws at you, you're our kind of customer!