Wild, wonderful world.

Wild, wonderful world.
By Laura Whitehead
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Wild, wonderful world.

Every week, I get one whole day with my family due to a hectic work schedule. We find it very difficult to plan those precious days around the perfect forecast. Instead, my wife and 2 year old son explore the Great British Isles with me in every weather. As a very masculine adult, I can usually survive in shorts and a T-shirt. Yet, becoming a father has made me realise that I must be unique in this . . . or slighly daft. I'll let you figure out which one! So every item of clothing must fit in our rucksack for every eventuality and guess what... we still get it wrong. You leave the house and it's all dark clouds and drizzle and then when you arrive at your destination the sun has appeared and you've forgotten the littles ones hat. Standard!

Since our little boy joined us,  life has carried on as usual. Before he arrived, we explored with our 2 dogs leading the way. Now we do it with our little boy leading the way and our dogs trying to keep up. Already, we have many beautiful memories and pictures to accompany them. We've explored ancient, ruined castles at dusk. Walked miles along the Cornish cliffs, with a heavy one-year old strapped to my back and a years worth of baby supplies just incase. We've been swamped by waves when the wife had begged us both to stay dry; oops. Chased by cattle in the Yorkshire Moors and walked past a countryside pub without going in (it only happened once I promise).

This weekend we took at windy trip to the coast and had the most incredible time. No we didn't splash in the sea and relax on the beach; we did watch the wild waves crash, collect shells, build a pebble arch and watch the amazing RNLI head out on their boats. We wrapped up warm and Arthur's new Spotty Otter jacket kept him warm and dry for our beach walk.

Life is too short to spend those days with the family in front of the TV. Don't get me wrong, any time spend together is a day well spent. But why not show your little ones the world around them. Let them touch it, smell it and learn to treat it with the respect it deserves. Get an allotment, dig a hole in the garden just because you can but don't tell the wife afterwards, litter pick your local park, set a random point on the satnav, drive to it and explore. As long as you do it together and as a family, it will make those 6 days at work more bearable until the next adventure comes along.

2 months ago