About deuter 

deuter are passionate about their work and their products. deuter products make it better, safer, and more enjoyable to spend your time outdoors

The deuter Philosophy


  • Mad about mountain sports: deuter's passion for the mountains allows them to constantly seek out new challenges within their business practices.  It gives deuter first-hand experiences of the natural world around them, allowing them to deliver the best-tailored products for you. 

  • Committed: By staying true to themselves and treating each other with respect, deuter get more and more people excited about the deuter family.

  • Pioneering: deuter lead mountain athletes around the world to new heights in an inventive and ground-breaking manner.

  • Responsible: As well as demonstrating a love of nature through a sustainable approach by solving tasks and problems together, deuter always act in a fair, collegial, and tolerant manner. They treat their colleagues, customers, and all business partners with respect and appreciation


The Kikki Backpack


A bird of paradise! The Kikki backpack is a fun companion for the little ones on hikes or trips to the lake. Yet the exotic bird is as mindful as it is cheerful! It's eco-friendly and uses "bluesign approved fabric".


Available in 3 different colours, the Kikki backpack is a great way to introduce children to carry some of their own weight, which is all part of getting outdoors!


deuter Child Carriers


Mountain adventures will be nothing but pleasant with the ingenious child carriers offered by deuter. The weight within the carrier is transferred perfectly due to the flexible, moveable VariFlex ECL hip fins and the VariSlide back length adjustment system. The child carriers fits snuggly enough for easy carrying, yet the parent’s back remains fully ventilated. The Kid Comfort offers the most rest options for passengers: the large, soft pillow gently braces a tired child‘s head even in the corners of the pack so that naps can occur anywhere outdoors.